Review: Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Taking Chances - Molly McAdams

My Thoughts:
Sweet heaven above, I absolutely LOVED this book! It was a love/hate relationship actually. A love relationship because oh my god, who wouldn’t love Molly McAdams and her amazing talent, her bad boys, her good girls, and her book endings? A hate relationship because I swear I have NEVER had a novel make me UGLY cry before! Yes, that’s right UGLY cry. I cursed, I threw the book, I CRIED and I CRIED and I CRIED some more! That takes a true talent to make me UGLY cry like that. Books have made me cry before, yes. But, Molly McAdams created a story that emotionally tore me to pieces, both good and bad. She sucked the life out of me more than once, and I had to struggle with getting it back so I could finish the book. 


Chase is a beautifully created bad boy. He is so my man! I loved every piece of him, from his attitude to his sexy tatts. He was created in a way that makes you want to follow him around, curl up next to him, and stalk him every second of the day. Yes he is just that amazing. 


Brandon, bless him, I loved him,too. He’s an amazing man, and a wonderful addition to the story. I wanted to bring him out of the story and keep him forever, too! 


Harper. Now THAT is a character that will steal your heart! She was perfectly chiseled for her role in the story. Watching her with Chase, Brandon, and the other guys, was just amazing. Her role was awesome next to her best friend Bree! 


But, this isn’t just your normal romance story. There is so much more depth and struggle, and emotions than any I’ve ever read. When I was told to read this book, I was given it by a friend to borrow. I fell so head over heals with this book that I HAD to send my husband out to pick up a copy for me. And oh was it ever worth it! This is a book that doesn’t deserve a simple 5 star rating. It’s so much more than that. It’s a book that deserves to be passed around to all the romance lovers out there that want a roller coaster of emotions to go with it, that crying session that will leave you so emotionally disturbed and torn that you have to coach yourself through your breathing. IT IS AMAZING, simple as that! Grab a copy of this book and TAKE STOCK IN KLEENEX now!!! 


Ms. McAdams will forever be a favorite author now. She has taken the TOP of the list and I am ready to find and collect ALL her books in print for my favorites shelf. I can’t wait for more! Bravo, Ms. McAdams…..BRAVO!!!