Book Review: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me  - Tahereh Mafi

Oh. My. Lord. Give me a minute here, will you? Thanks. *reflecting* Tahereh Mafi just became my newest favorite-est author ever. This series......well, this start to this series, is by far, the most epic, and one that is on my favorite forever list! In fact, I loved this book so much, that because I had checked this particular copy out from the library, I've already gone and ordered a copy off Amazon to keep on my shelf! This is definitely worth the purchase! 

Juliette is a chick I didn't think I'd love. In all honesty, I thought she was a little insane in the beginning. I mean, come on. She kept crossing out her thoughts! Say what you mean, chick! But, as the story progressed, Adam came in, and then the fun began! I loved following Juliette and Adam and finding that the story really picked up pace and kept me turning the pages long into the night. 

Ms. Mafi is amazing like that. I'm just finding out how much I enjoy reading Dystopian novels, and the fact that this is a Young Adult Dystopian, makes it even more incredible. This story....this story. Yea. I  felt shattered right along with Juliette, then I felt in love with Adam, then right back to shattered. Then, well, then I felt ready for book two already! I can't wait! 

I'm not going to go into more detail because I'll be ready to give the story away. I will say that this book is beyond Epic and definitely my favorite. Ms. Mafi has a new stalker, err, um, I mean fan in her life now, as I will forever be reading her books! I can't wait to grab up the next one! What are you waiting for? If you've not read Ms. Mafi's 5 million star book, what are you doing there reading my review? Grab it now! And, if you've read her book, go now and re-read! Go on. =)