Book Review: In The Shadow Of Jezebel by Mesu Andrews

In The Shadow Of Jezebel - Mesu Andrews

I love Biblical fiction.......I love the feel of comfort and warmth you get as the author creates a novel of Biblical times making it come alive. The books just suck me in and keep me hooked. It's a wonderful feeling really, and Mesu Andrews is on of the most talented Biblical fiction authors. Truly. She is amazing and her stories are an escape for me into a world where I can breath easy.

Jehosheba, or Sheba as many may know her, is an amazing character! I loved how she was created, and I felt as if I was reading her story straight from the Bible. Ms. Andrews truly created her story in such a life like manner! I love it.

Watching as Sheba was married off and came to love her husband, watching as he taught her about the love of God, become so captivating to me, that I stayed awake until 3 in the morning turning the pages. It's just incredible how Ms. Andrews creates a passionate, emotionally moving story.

I definitely recommend this book with the highest of 4.5 stars. While it's the fourth in Ms. Andrews' Treasures Of His Love series, it's most definitely easily read as a stand alone. If you've never before read a Biblical story by Ms. Andrews, then wait no more. Grab a copy of this amazing story now!

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