Book Review: Such Sweet Sorrow by Jenny Trout

Such Sweet Sorrow - Jenny Trout

When I read the synopsis of this, I thought to myself "awesome!". I wasn't a big English lover in high school but when we would read Shakespeare I was all up in that stuff. I loved it. I loved the way the dialogue was, the descriptions, the characters.....all of it. It was my thing. I think that was where I finally got my full on love for reading. And, besides. Who wouldn't fall in love with this cover of Juliet? Seriously. It's totally gorgeous.


That said, I truly enjoyed this book. It was the perfect blend of true love romance, characters that bring back memories from childhood, and mythological elements of twists. I loved Romeo from the start. His love for Juliet was strong and I felt it immediately. Hamlet's character was awesomely chiseled and Juliet........Ms. Trout NAILED it with her! Loved it!


With rollercoaster thrills, young love romance, and an ending that leaves you dying for a sequel, this story is definitely a keeper! This is the first novel I've read by Jenny Trout and if her other works are anything like this one, wow! Definitely a favorite author, for sure. I will be anxiously awaiting to see if Ms. Trout creates a sequel to this story as I am already ready for more fast paced thrills, tender romance, and characters that make you smile....and make you frustrated at times. Four stars, two thumbs and ready for the next! Well done, Ms. Trout!

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