Book Review: My Amish Boyfriend by Melody Carlson

My Amish Boyfriend - Melody Carlson

Melody Carlson is back and great as ever with another fabulous young adult novel! I love her Amish stories. They are always written so wonderfully and take you to the heart of simple living. This novel was full of characters that steal your heart and situations that had you praying for the characters.


Shannon is a character I won't soon forget. Bless her heart, she had it all planned out how her summer was going to go and then she gets news that sets it all back. I could feel her struggle with doing what was right, and what she felt she wanted to do. But, when she finally figured it out, well, let's just say this sweet character was fun to follow!


Ezra's character was chiseled nicely as well. He really brought out the shine when he was near Shannon and he quickly stole my heart! I wanted to hug him, and bless him so many times! He was a wonderful addition to the story!


If you love Amish settings, and characters that are full of quirkiness and fun, then Ms. Carlson's new release is for you. Worthy of 4 stars and bookshelf keeper status, this story will have you wrapped up in all the goodness of simple living, and the sacrifices that come with it. I definitely recommend this novel to all, not just young adults! Well done, Ms. Carlson!