Review: Nash by Jay Crownover

Nash - Jay Crownover

Molly’s Thoughts:
Again! She has done it again. Another great Marked Men novel by the talented Ms. Crownover! I enjoyed this book so incredibly much. Nash and Saint…so glad they got their story! 


I’ll talk about Saint first. I loved her character. I loved feeling her emotions. Most of them, though, I came by them naturally as I went through a lot of what she went through. It really hit home with me. In fact, I am still struggling with it. The letting go isn’t easy and it’s something that needs to be done to move on completely and life a full, happy life. 


Nash Donovan. Bless him and his flaming tattoos. He’s a sexy character and I loved him. He really struggled in this book, but to watch him come to terms with his life, his heart… really was a wonderful thing to watch! Jay, can you get me a Nash, please? Cause that sexy man just stole my heart! 


I won’t go into a lot of detail as I don’t like to give spoilers. But, if you enjoy sexy, tatted men, and women who steal their breaths away, along with a soul sucking plot line that doesn’t let you go, then Ms. Crownover’s NASH is a wonderful addition for you. Definitely shelf worthy, re-read worthy and highly, highly recommened 4.5 star read! Once again, a story that makes you think, filled with passion and sparks, Ms. Crownover gave us another fantabulous read!