Review: Rome by Jay Crownover

ROME - Jay Crownover

Another fabulous book by the superbly talented Ms. Crownover! Oh Lawdy, is it ever amazing. I loved Rule, I loved Jet, but Rome? I have nothing but mad, mad, mad love for this sexy big brother! Reading his story left me hurting, left me wanting more of Rome and Cora, left me in an emotional state that I love to be in when I read incredibly written novels. 


Rome Archer is a tortured soul, full of hurt, anger, desperation and hope. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and tell him to just let go and live. His pain of the past and all he went through quickly became mine. I saw his life through his life from the start of his story. Watching him develop through out the story was awesome. 


And Cora Lewis. Bless her little “half pint” soul. I really loved how Jay created her character. She was a cute little pixie for sure and I fell in love with her character just as quickly as I fell in love with Rome’s. Her past and present were tortured, too, and when a twist is thrown into the story……well, let’s just say I loved her even more with how she

handled herself! 


This book is beyond 5 star worthy to me. Ms. Crownover once again created a novel filled with steamy passion, hot sex, and a story line sure to leave you tangled up in emotions and ready for the next Marked Man! Well done and hats off to you, Ms. Crownover! Looking forward to reading the next incredible man in the series!

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