Review: An Amish Cradle by Multiple Authors

An Amish Cradle - Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, Vannetta Chapman

My Thoughts: 
Another wonderful collection of novellas for the Amish lovers! I love getting the chance to read these amazing, heartwarming stories. Each author always brings something moving to the collection, filling the pages with warmth, love, devotion and faith. When I open these stories they never fail to capture me from beginning to end. 

My favorite of the stories in this collection was Beth Wiseman's In His Father's Arms. That one really hit home with me. I had a child born with a birth defect, and I also, years ago, babysat a child who had Downs Syndrome. It brought back the memories of the difficulty of dealing with a child like that, and the memories of easily accepting a child with it. This story with it's love,faith, convictions and acceptance along with  God's guidance really moved me more than the others. 

I highly recommend this 5 star book to everyone! Well done, ladies!